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Semester A


It has been one incredibly exciting but very busy first semester. This all still very new to me and I am still trying to get my head around things, however, I have really enjoyed it so far. This is my first year studying Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at Writtle University and I have learnt so many new interesting facts/skills and knowing a deeper depth of information on the equine anatomy.

I am thrilled that I am able to bring my own horse Willow here to Writtle who I share with my sister Gemma, who is also on the Academy. Willow is a 6yo ISH mare who I have owned just over 1 year now, and she is one very sensitive, spicy and dramatic soul. I bought her straight from a field unbroken, and when I went to view her, she was this little frightened thing in the back of a stable who would bite and kick at anyone who would go to touch her. I saw through the problems and with over 1 year of bonding and trusting, I feel so rewarded to see how much she trusts me.

In the summer we went to multiple competitions including hickstead, where we competed around the british novice. Our aim is to be jumping round discovery classes in the near future and possibly some dressage, however, we have had a couple set backs recently. Although we are beginning to get back on track! I am most definitely looking forward to getting back out competing early next year and watching her grow into the sweetest most genuine mare.

Willow at Hickstead last summer showing scope round the british novice!

Willow having a lunge session in the outdoor arena earlier this month. This picture shows exactly how relaxed she is becoming, considering how unsettled she can be!

On Sunday 27th November, I signed willow up to one of the Veterinary Physiotherapy Master students dissertation trial where they were finding out the effect of poles, abdominal band and kinesio tape on muscular engagement, pelvic symmetry and back kinematics. She was a little nervous at the beginning as she had never had tape attached to her, however, she coped amazingly with minor spooks.

Willow having a lazy day in the sun late September before the temperature dropped.

I am currently coming to the end of my first semester here at Writtle. I am so happy to have submitted my first few assignments and completed all of my PCL hours on the yard. I have a couple presentations and practical exams coming up as well as the big written equine anatomy and equine health exams, so I am nervous to see the results early next year. After all the exams, I am also looking forward to heading home for the Christmas holidays to see family and friends and other pets.

That's all for now and make sure to look out for some new and exciting updates soon!!

Check out my insta for some updated content! - @xsoph_equinex

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